Angela Booth's Fab Freelance Writing Ezine Announces Exciting New Series to Help Writers to Make Money Writing

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) July 7, 2009 -- Angela Booth's free weekly writing tips ezine, Fab Freelance Writing Ezine is offering a new series of issues to help writers to make money writing called "Writers Without Borders: Winning Freelance Writing Freedom On The Web". The series begins with Issue 143, which will be sent to out subscribers on July 14, 2009.

Top copywriter and writing teacher's Angela Booth's free ezine for writers, Fab Freelance Writing Ezine has been helping thousands of writers worldwide to make money writing since the first issue went out to subscribers in October 2006.

Angela says: "It's hard to believe that the ezine has been going out for almost three years. It's definitely a labor of love, and from the many emails I've received, and chats I've had with writers, I know that the ezine has helped many writers to see opportunities they never knew existed."

The ezine began as a simple text message, with one or two articles in each issue. It's now a publication, in PDF format, which is at least 16 pages long, with three meaty articles, as well as an Editorial. Issues are not archived online: Angela says she wants to maintain the exclusive, insiders-only feeling of the publication.

Angela believes that Fab Freelance Writing Ezine is unique, because it's focus is solely on writing for money. She says: "The ezine isn't a publication for hobbyists, although many writers start their career as a hobby. It's for professional writers, and the ezine's aim is to help writers to gain confidence and skill, not only in writing, but in the business side of their career as well. The Web presents writers with huge opportunities, but writers need to know where to look for them, and how to take advantage of them."

Each issue of the ezine is written around a theme. Issue 142's theme for example, was Writing Web Sites for Profit. In that issue Angela covered writing for business Web sites, as well as various other ways to make money from Web sites.

Angela says she has many plans for the ezine in the coming twelve months. She says that she'll be presenting more series and tutorials because there's so much material to cover.

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