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Freelance Writing Ezine Reveals Great New Opportunities for Writers

There's never been a better time to be a writer: opportunities for freelancers are exploding. Angela Booth's Fab Freelance Writing Ezine offers practical writing tips each week, helping writers to discover new opportunities and build satisfying careers.

Sydney, NSW, Australia 9 April, 2009 -- Angela Booth is a top copywriter and writing teacher who has been teaching freelance writers to make money online years, primarily via her many blogs, and also via her free weekly ezine for writers: Fab Freelance Writing Ezine. The ezine is published in PDF format each week, offering 15 to 20 pages of practical writing tips showing writers great new opportunities available to them.

Angela believes that there's never been a better time to be a writer. She says: "Freelance writers have unlimited opportunities in 2009 despite the economic downturn. In fact the economic downturn can help writers to build their careers."

The ezine has become very popular with writers, many of whom credit it with giving them a sense of how a writing career actually works, as well as great ideas for writing opportunities of which they were completely unaware. Topics covered in the ezine include blogging, ebook writing, writing web articles, and writing web content.

Each week the ezine contains a theme. A recent theme was business models for writers. Angela believes that writing is a business, and once writers start looking at their career as a real business, their income will improve. In that issue she covered several business models, for both new and established writers.

The ezine goes out to several thousand subscribers each week. As a result Angela's email inbox is filled with questions. She says she enjoys this. She loves knowing what's happening with writers and when she finds a common thread in questions asked, she adds it to a list of upcoming ezine themes.

"Subscribers like to stay in touch," Angela says. "I'm happy to help them as much as I can. The basic challenge for writers, both new and experienced, is that the world of publishing is changing fast. As publications change, writers need to change too. Advertising is moving online, so publications are moving online too, and there are many opportunities for writers. Entire new fields of writing are opening up. Many of these fields, like blogging, and social media marketing, have never existed before. Writers have to learn these new forms of communicating."

Angela says her primary aim with Fab freelance Writing Ezine is to make writers aware of the many opportunities which are available to them, and to give them the courage to use their creativity.

Angela has made a free report available for new subscribers to the ezine. You can download the report, Freelance Writing for Beginners: Great Opportunity to Make Money Today at http://www.freelancewritingezine.com/

For additional information visit http://www.freelancewritingezine.com/

About Fab Freelance Writing Ezine
Angela Booth's Fab Freelance Writing Ezine developed from the Fab Freelance Writing Blog, a popular site for writers who want to build their careers and make six figure incomes from their writing.

Angela Booth
Fab Freelance Writing Ezine

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