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Here’s the editorial from this week’s ezine, which went out to subscribers today (issue 98).


Got questions? Please don't hesitate to send them to me. I'm working my way through a stack of questions, and wrote this week's articles in response to several.

The first article answers the "get started" questions all new freelancers (and some established writers have), and the second helps you to eliminate procrastination if you're a sufferer.

All writers procrastinate – so don't feel bad. :-) However, there are two kinds of procrastination, and it's useful to know the difference.

Here are the two different types of procrastination:

1. Creative procrastination – also known as "gestation" in the writing process. This is a good form of procrastination. It happens when you've got the germ of an idea for a writing project, but it hasn't yet solidified, so to speak. For example, currently I'm working on a new book, but it's on the back-burner, because I don't know enough about it. I've made several pages of notes, but I'm nowhere near to writing it, not even an outline. The gestation process can take time; let it; AND

2. Procrastination due to fear, either conscious or unconscious. This is common, everyday procrastination, and it can be a real nuisance. I used to be prone to this kind of procrastination, until I discovered that it was OK not to know what I was doing. :-) Read "Kill Writing Procrastination for Good with Three Words" (scroll down) – I'm sure it will help you if you're prone to everyday procrastination.

I’ve written about procrastination, on my
writing blog too, so you’ll find additional material there.

The ezine featured two articles, which I’ve posted to Writing Hacker.

Kick Start Your Freelance Writing Career - 3 Simple Ways

Want to develop a great writing career? These days, you have unlimited options, because you can earn as you learn: there's never been a better time to be a writer.

Discover how you can kick start your freelance writing career, or boost a flagging career three simple ways. If you've always wanted to "be a writer", now's the time.

Read the complete article.

Kill Writing Procrastination for Good with Three Words

Do you put off writing? If procrastination is a challenge for you, you'll discover how to kill that tendency for good with three short words. Discover what they are.

Let's start by assessing what writing procrastination is. Basically it's when you either put off writing something you know how to write, or are scared of writing in general because you imagine that there's a right way to write something or other.

Read the complete article.

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