Blogging: Watch for an announcement soon

Sssh... it's a secret. Are you envious of all the six-figure bloggers? Want to know how to become one?

I've been blogging since 2001, almost a full decade. Blogging has been very good to me, and all my students know that the first thing I recommend to them is that they start a blog.

If you've been hesitating about blogging -- wondering whether it's worth the effort, whether you can spare the time, or would like to blog but it all seems too complicated -- I've got a special offer and announcement for you in the next few days, so keep an eye on your Inbox. (If you're not a subscriber,
join now. This is a subscribers-only offer.)

More soon. :-)

Think writing for big money is HARD?

Trying to make great money from your writing and failing miserably?

Perhaps you're sure you're doing everything right. You read sites, and blogs, and you read the
ezine, and you try, and try... but it's NOT WORKING.


If I had a dollar for every writer who's convinced they're doing it right, and they're not making great money writing because it's HARD, I'd have the money for a round the world vacation, first class, with a luxurious trip highlight of seven days in the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris.

If you're not making great money writing, here's a news flash. You're doing something wrong.

That something will be tiny. You may need a change of perspective. You may be missing out on targeting correctly. There may be something missing in your processes.

Whatever it is, if you fix that tiny little something, you'll be on a rocket ride to success.

What should you do now?

Tell me what's happening, and let me help, and we'll fix it. My
writing coaching is guaranteed -- if we get together, you'll discover what to do, and exactly how to fix things.

Of course, if you wish, you can always keep on believing that making great money from your writing is HARD, and that you can't do it...

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