Angela Booth Announces 100 Day Writing Challenge for Established and Aspiring Writers

Online writing teacher and top copywriter Angela Booth has created a "100 Day Challenge" to help both professional and aspiring writers to achieve their 2010 goals by the end of this year.

Angela has announced these details on her
writing blog:

* The 100 Day Challenge is free. It begins in September, and ends on January 1, 2011.

* The Challenge is for both new and established writers who want to achieve the goals they set for themselves in 2010. Writers who haven't set goals will have the opportunity to set their goals during the Challenge.

* Writers' objectives for the Challenge are essentially to meet their goals for 2010. For example, a writers' goals could include making at least $200 a day more from his writing than he's making now, or making at least $70 an hour from his writing by the end of 2010, or starting or completing a book.

* Prerequisites for writers who want to enroll: a writer needs the determination to commit to the process, and the desire to devote an hour a day to it. Writers will also need to be prepared to have fun.

* Writers will receive twice-weekly guidance and training in email messages from Angela.

Angela says: "in a nutshell, writers will achieve their goals for 2010, and will have a great time as they do it. It's my aim that in just 100 days, writers will discover how to build the great writing career they want and deserve."

The mid-September enrollment date for the Challenge will be announced in Angela's popular
Fab Freelance Writing Ezine. The enrollment will be limited, and will be open for just five days.

To learn more, writers are encouraged to subscribe to
Fab Freelance Writing Ezine.


Angela Booth is a top
copywriter, and writing teacher. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills. She also provides inspiration and motivation for writers on her writing blogs. Angela has been writing successfully since the late 1970s, and was online in the 1980s, long before the birth of the Web. Her business books have been widely published.

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