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Thousands of freelance writers have launched fabulous careers using the writing tips and inspiration in Fab Freelance Writing Ezine.

Now, by popular demand, here are the articles which have been most popular from 2006 to 2012, in one 40-page special.

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From the Desk of Angela Booth

Dear Fellow Writer
Want to make money writing?

I should rephrase that: do you want to make GREAT money writing?

More writers than ever are making a living, just from writing. Some are making $100 a day, others are making $1000 a day and more.

Want to join the highly paid group?

You can.


Writing for money isn't easy. You face a blank computer screen. Occasionally you're inspired. Often you're disappointed.

Websites, blogs, books, courses and classes promise to turn you into the writer you're meant to be, but they fall short.


A major reason is that they don't provide on-going motivation, inspiration, and guidance.
Fab Freelance Writing Ezine gives you guidance, every week.
Here's what one writer said of the ezine:

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this Ezine. Today's "Writing with Confidence" article has truly inspired me to move forward and go beyond my comfort zone. Thanks for that. I'll be trying to get my articles into magazines and online publications from now on, no more 4$/article for me." Federico F.

Writing tips and inspiration every single week

Fab Freelance Writing Ezine is different. It's packed with writing tips to help writers at all levels of their writing careers. It shows you the way a professional writer works, and guides you so that you achieve on-going success.

Every word of the ezine is written by a working, successful writer, who's been writing for 30 years.

In those 30 years I've written for top-tier magazines like Vogue, published many books for traditional publishers, written successful novels, managed a copywriting practice, and much more. I started teaching writing in the 1980s, in community colleges. Now I teach writing online.

I teach what WORKS. There's no theory in the ezine, nor in any of my many writing guides. Your success is my success.

And I'm dedicated to YOUR success, because I know how hard writing can be, when you don't have the right advice, and a caring mentor.

Fab Freelance Writing Ezine helps you to earn a fabulous income, and have fun while you're doing it

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The weekly ezine is my gift to you, dear writer.


Happy writing. :-)

With much affection,

Angela Booth

P.S. Have you discovered the Fab Freelance Writing Blog? This ezine developed from the blog a several years ago.

Become a Writing Genius

A writer’s story…

Angela, I am writing to say thank you for writing about how to write and make money. I have been reading your emails for years. I have purchased a few of your ebooks. I have learned so much from you and thanks to you, I am slowly starting a writing career. I can only do it part time, a few hours a week, but I have a plan which I am steadily following each week. My plan is to blog 5 days a week, and to write 1 ebook a week for Kindle and other ereaders.

Now I have 9 followers on my main blog, and I recently sold my first ebook! My husband used to say negative things about my writing, but now that I have sold my first ebook, he has changed his tune, and is much more encouraging. Thanks.

Sally, Fresh Fabulous Flavor

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